Monday, 27 November 2017

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In the Coat of palms are four quadrants, the primary is has a picture of an American Flag draped downward, however realise California and specially those within the Westside of l.  A. And Hollywood want to secede from the usa and for the 3 million unlawful extraterrestrial beings residing right here, they'd just as quickly that this land be lower back to Mexico. The second quadrant has a bear in it, in the California nation Flag, accept as true with me we have not had a endure within the Santa Monica Mountain range in years, some mountain lions from time to time sure, however the residents harass them to loss of life if they do not run them over at the freeways first. The Communist star in the nook of the flag in that quadrant should live due to the fact la is quite the leftist leaning political location in our us of a.

Good Night Images 

The left decrease quadrant has a proud Eagle in it, however we've chased out all the Eagles in l.  A., we have greater of a flocking kind fowl scenario here with all of the citizens and a few buzzards up in the Malibu hills at Buzzard's Roast - an vintage farm assets for sale above Malibu. In the ultimate quadrant we have a greater traditional coat of palms with a fortress in it, despite the fact that the most effective citadel i have seen is Madonna's residence in Malibu and it is red, no longer gold just like the picture.

There's no way this brand has stood the test of time, and it is time for it to go before Black Lives matter and different corporations name it racist and start ripping it down and putting spray painted "X's" on all the metropolis vehicles. Don't say I did not provide you with a warning, do not shoot the messenger, you already know i am right.

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